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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Fondue!

I thought it would be fun to pull out the ol' fondue pot and introduce the girls to one of life's great pleasures...chocolate fondue! They were quite interested in the pot itself. Then, when Kevin lit the flame for the pot, the interest level peaked. I set out a plate of some of my favorite snacks to dip into the chocolate. We had, bananas (Kevin's and my personal favorite), strawberries, marshmallows (Katelyn's fave), and graham crackers. Kennedy's favorite ended up being the strawberries without the chocolate. Katelyn and Kennedy alone finished off two containers of strawberries - mostly without the chocolate. My girls have always been huge fruit lovers.

Here they are getting ready...pre-chocolate

Skewers in...

Katelyn is giving her first bite a big thumb's up for approval.
Kennedy is still working on her first bite.

Katelyn had fun playing with the skewers (is that what they are even called?)

I see a big smile on Kennedy's face, she must have liked her first bite as well.
Katelyn is ready for more

Not sure what Kennedy is thinking here; this might be when she decided that she liked the strawberries better without the chocolate.

We had so much chocolate left over...we may just have to do this again sometime soon.

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