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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Pumpkin Barn 2010

Our girls...growing up!
I'm not even going to tell you what we were joking about to get the smiles in the above picture...but it worked!

Decisions, decisions, which one to choose...

There is just something about this next picture that I like, I can't explain why...there isn't anything special about it, other than my Kenney-Bear of course!

Our happy, go-lucky Kate!

Katelyn loves herself some big ol' pumpkins!
Take note of how gently Katelyn places her pumpkin into the wagon.

Now, take a look at Kennedy in this next series of photos. Let me commentate on the events that you are about to see..."She finds the perfect pumpkin, manages to pick it up, takes off running toward the wagon trying not to drop the pumpkin, she makes it to the wagon and...heaves it!" See, just like Katelyn, Kennedy likes herself some big ol' pumpkins, but she doesn't quite have the finess that Katelyn has with the heavy pumpkins.

But, she sure was having fun!

Another fun and memorable year at the Pumpkin Barn!

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Joey said...

I love these girls!