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Friday, June 12, 2009

Goodbye Kindergarten...Hello 1st Grade!

The way the school year ended really worked out nicely for me. The school district where I teach finished an entire week earlier than Katelyn's school for the year. It was so perfect being off during Katelyn's last week because I was then able to participate in a few end-of-the-year activities for Kate's class.

Here she is getting off the bus on her very last day of kindergarten! What this picture doesn't show is Katelyn running full-speed toward me with a huge smile on her face. Once she got to me, she threw her arms around me and gave me the world's best hug. It was one of those genuine moments that couldn't have been planned...perfectly spontaneous and I loved it!

Now I can share some of the activities I was able to help out with since I was off work already...

I was able to help chaperone her spring field trip to Carriage Hill Farm.

Kevin and I both attended "Pet Day." Katelyn took a picture of Gunther, which she decided not to share. She also took her only living pet...Nemo. Nemo is a hermit crab that was given to us by some graduating UD seniors a year ago. Poor Nemo has an OSU football helmet super glued to his shell...did I mention that he was given to us by college kids...that would explain the football helmet.

I was also able to help out with field day. Unfortunately, it rained on field day. But the day went on as scheduled indoors...with some adjusted activities. The kids still had a great time, and since they are kindergartners, that had no idea what they were even missing.

One of the moms planned a "School's Out" party after school on the very last day at a local park. It was really fun to see the kids relaxing, playing, and just enjoy being together as a class this one last time. The class will be divided 5-ways for 1st grade...there are over almost 110 students in this kindergarten group. Some of Katelyn's current BFF's are: Alayna, Lyndsay, Emily, and Riley.

I feel bad that I don't have a picture of Kennedy on her last day of school. I was sick in bed that day...laryngitis. I didn't get out of bed until 4:00...sorry Kenny Bear! If it helps at all, I snapped this super-cute picture of Kennedy enjoying a cupcake at Katelyn's last day party.

Katelyn received her report card, which I was anxiously awaiting. She had a perfect report card! 100% Yes on her mastery of skills/standards as well as all Yes on behavior...yippee! I am also thrilled with her reading, writing, and math skills...thrilled! My favorite part of her comments is that she always comes in with a smile and ready to work:)

Oh my goodness...1st grade!!! I cannot believe that my baby (oldest baby) has finished kindergarten. She is a full -fledged elementary school-aged kid now!

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