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Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Morning Chat With Kennedy

Here is a conversation I had with Kennedy one morning this past week. I thought it was a pretty good conversation considering she isn't quite two yet.

Kennedy - What's This Mama?
Joey - It's part of a door handle.
Kennedy - Oh right! Outside?
Joey - Yes! it goes to your playhouse outside.
Kennedy - Broke?
Joey - Yeah, it's broken.
Kennedy - Dada fix it
Joey - You're right Kennedy, Daddy can fix it.

Kennedy is talking all the time. It is amazing how quickly their vocabulary grows once they get going. After babysitting one day this week, my mother-in-law noted that it looks like Kennedy is going to talk all the time, just like Katelyn and me. Poor Kevin! If the girls are anything like me and my family, which it looks like they are going to be, we will be able to easily carry on a minimum of three conversations at one time...participating in all three! Poor Kevin, he will be completely lost, and annoyed to say the least. But, we girls will have fun gabbing it up!

I just want to remember everything about this stage. She is growing up so quickly. KenBear my baby...I love you!

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