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Friday, February 27, 2009

Katelyn's 6th Birthday

Katelyn turned 6 years old today...oh, how time flies! Katleyn was very excited about turning 6...unlike last year when she was so worried and nervous about growing up. She had school on her actual birthday, which is a big deal to a little kid. She was thrilled to get a special birthday bear made by her kindergarten teacher, a birthday certificate, and a birthday crown. She took in chocolate chip cookies to share with the class and was also the VIP in her classroom today. Katelyn had been battling a cold and fever all week, but she couldn't miss her special day at school! You'll see the sickness in her little eyes in the pictures, but she was a trooper and still had fun!

We always let Katelyn pick where she wants to go out to eat on her birthday. Last year she chose Burger King...because of the indoor playland. This year, she chose Chick-Fil-a...because of the indoor playland...these are exciting restaurants when you are a little kid. After dinner and some playtime at Chick-Fil-a, we came back to the house for cake, ice cream, and a few presents. Gre and Papoo joined us for dinner and the birthday festivities. Nana and Papa met us back at the house for cake and presents.

For Katelyn's "friends" birthday party, we had a swim party at the Washington Township Rec Center. She invited a mixture of friends that she has know since she was born (Ava, Mitch, Madison, & Molly), preschool friends (Maddie,who were both sick, and Cecilia, who had to leave early because she was not feeling well), and friends from her kindergarten class (Alayna...the BFF, Lindsay R., Lindsey T., Emily, and Miranda). The kids made cute little fish necklaces when they first arrived at the party. After all of the necklaces were made, then we sang "Happy Birthday" and had cake and ice cream. Next, came the presents. After opening all of her presents, Katelyn passed out the goodie bags. The goddie bags were tie-dyed drawstring, canvas bags filled with bubbles, fish-shaped swim goggles, and a beach ball...they were a big hit! The only thing left to do, was swimming! The kids had a blast! The rec center has a gradual depth pool which is great for all levels of swim abilities. They also have a large, circular water slide. The kiddos loved that water slide! Kevin was so great because he stayed in the pool at the bottom of the slide to "catch" the kids in case anyone needed help.

After the kids finished making their craft, Kevin went around and knotted all of the ribbon to put the the finishing touch on the necklaces...what a good daddy!

We have a "family" party planned for Sunday, March 8. The family party is a joint party for both Katelyn and Kennedy. Gre, Papoo, Nana, Papa, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Mindy, Uncle Tom, and Aunt TT have never missed a birthday party. Katelyn is one lucky girl!

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