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Friday, April 10, 2009

We've Got Another Deep Thinker On Our Hands

Katelyn has always been a deep thinker...to the point of being quite philosophical. Well, it looks like we indeed have another deep thinking child on our hands...little miss Kennedy. One example of Kennedy's inquisitive side would be what happened during and after this year's Good Friday service. Little miss Kennedy had so many questions throughout the entire service. Although she had just turned three a few weeks earlier, she really listened and internalized the pastor's message as well as the songs. She had really good questions that terribly hard to explain to a 3 year-old. She was also moved by Peter's dramatic performance. It was mostly a monologue, but Peter collapsed at the end as he cried about defying Jesus. Kennedy was so in awe with the entire reenactment. She kept asking if she could be Peter when she is old enough. During prayers at dinner over the next several weeks, Kennedy insisted on saying her prayers in Peter's voice...very loud, deep, and staccato. This was just the beginning of what we have have determined to be Kennedy's interest for drama and performing.

Here is our deep thinking, dressing-up, drama queen of a princess...

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